Review 5 CMS made for normal people

As you probably know CMS means Content Managment System. Also known as Site builders. Please, see our reviews below:


It developers pretend that is made for normal people and it`s the easiest CMS ever made!

Zimplit is simple and lightweight CMS. It consists of only one core file and it is free for personal and commercial use. The software is open source. It is easy to use via a simple interface – just edit on-site. There is no special administrative area.

You can set up your own website with ready made layouts.


The company developing BgRentASite says that it is made for normal people with no coding skills. The normal people from small business. So you don`t need to be a guru to manage your website.

Content customization is available through your favorite web browser. Create responsive design to your site by build-in templates. Choose from the selection of pre-made sections like articles, galleries, places, sliders and add your content to them.

The BgRentASite creators says that they will maintain your website – create pages, process photos, update contents by your behalf. You can also manage your website alone.

Your website is optimized for major search engines. Your website will be hosted on their servers, so no doubt about hosting plans and its features. No doubts about software updates – that is their responsibility. Advertising is also available in all plans.


Textpattern is a content management system that is free and open source software.

Web developers, designers and bloggers love its simplicity, flexibility and extensibility. You can tune it to suit whatever type of website you can imagine.

There is no need to know any scripts or programming to use Textpattern. The web developer community has been created many plugins for all kinds of purposes.

The community members will love to code a plugin for you if it hasn’t already been made. Cool, isn`t it? Plugin activation is easy too.


Creators says “The easiest way to change content”. There are no installation required, no web server requirements, no programming skills.

CushyCMS takes very little time for setup. Content customization is easy as well. Style CSS and icons entirely within the WYSIWYG editor. Another distinctive feature is multilingual. The software is available in 20 languages.

There are free and paid plans available. The free plan allows you up to 5 website. Nice!

Support is available through e-mail messages, videos and of cource documentation.


Creating account is easy, it takes up to 5 minutes. Content customization is available through your favorite web browser or iPhone.

Create pages by cloning an existing one or by template. You can see changes on your website as you make them. Do search engine optimization by setting up meta tags.

Free and paid plans are available. With some plans you could manage unlimited websites.

You can earn money reselling Pagelime to your clients. But the feature is available only to paid plans.

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